welcome to horizon church international

in abbotsford

Welcome home! Looking for a church in Abbotsford to call home can be challenging. We are so glad you are here. Are you looking for something new and different in your church experience? Wanting to feel more connected to others and not just a face in the crowd? Tired of feeling lonely even in a packed out church? Are you desiring your church in Abbotsford experience to be less like going to a movie and more like going to a gym? Why not give Horizon Church International a try and re-imagine what church can be like for you?

Benefits of Horizon Church in Abbotsford

  • Connection - You won’t be another face in a crowd. You will be personally greeted and known by name in our church family at Horizon Church International. 

  • Care - You will receive personal attention and opportunity to share your joys and challenges.  There will be time to receive personal prayer each week from our loving church family.

  • Participation– We believe that church is meant to be an active, not passive, experience. At our church in Abbotsford, you can pray for others, not just be prayed for; you can talk and ask questions about the message, not just listen to the message, as we spend time sharing about what God has taught us.

  • Family Experience – Your entire family will experience church together, which means you get to grow and experience God as a family. You won’t need to ask your kids if they had fun or what they learned at church on Sunday because you are all having fun and learning together.  Even if you don’t have a family, we welcome you to become a part of our family!

  • Accountability -  We all need love, support and encouragement.  You will be lovingly encouraged and challenged to be your very best for Christ, to grow in your faith, and to love and live passionately for Christ.

What You Can Expect On Sundays at Horizon Church International

Our church in Abbotsford meets on Sundays at 9:30 am at Pastor Bob and Josephine’s home which provides a great sense of intimacy, community and belonging as a church family. We begin our time together with sharing and prayer.  We then have a time of singing followed by learning and discussing God’s Word during our sermon.  We conclude by having coffee and refreshments as a church family.


So, come join us for worship this Sunday. We invite you to our home to become part of our church family.  We have a seat on the couch just for you. Give us a try. You just might like it. 

Please join us at Horizon Church International in Abbotsford!

Come Connect with God and Others

Sundays 9:30 am

Pastor Bob and Josephine's Home

Abbotsford, BC

Please click here to contact us for address and directions



What PEOPLE say about us

“Coming to church is the highlight of my week.  We are definitely family with real love and caring. God’s Word and prayer are strong pillars of this church.  Hearing God’s Word and doing God’s Word as well as sincere and loving friendship....You are like family to me.  I feel at home and free to be myself.” - Margarite


"This church feels like family to me.  I am allowed to be myself here.  Powerful messages, strong community." - Sam


"A place to feel at home.  Able to learn God’s Word and love for all." - Doug

"I never forgot your kindness...Thank you for everything." - Christine